IMPRO workshop

Whatever instrument you learn, or how much or how little you’ve played it, there is a creator in you. Spontaneity, imagination and listening to what’s around you can be the trigger for your creative spark. Forget for a moment the etudes and the soundtracks and the beautiful lines written in music! Let yourself be surprised! And you will see how much joy is born from making music with yourself and your like-minded companions. The workshops will focus mostly on imitation (playing by ear), improvisation and the basics of rhythm music in a relaxed and free atmosphere. Players of different instruments and at all levels are welcome to attend the workshop. Please fill in the registration form to participate. The IMPRO workshop is expanding: this year there will be three instructors. The improvisers will be divided into groups according to instrument and skill level.

  • Meelis Vind – For the fourth year running, Meelis Vind will take care of wind instruments and everybody else who is willing to join. Those who are already at the top of their game (6+ years of playing experience) will benefit most from Meelis’ guidance.
  • Liis Lutsoja is joining KRATT for the third time. As an experienced improviser, especially for strings, she is looking forward to violins, violas and cellos. Liis’ methods are suitable for those with at least 3 years of playing experience.
  • Marge Loik will coach all keyboard mprovisers. There is piano, harpsichord and organ.

Meelis Vind

Meelis Vind

Meelis Vind is a long-time jazz musician and has played together with many Estonian and foreign artists. He is plays in variety of styles from older swing and be-bop to beatbox and Indian rhythms. He has released three albums with his own compositions and improvisations. He has worked as a teacher in Georg Ots Tallinn Music College for many years and gained valuable experience in teaching young musicians. Meelis has played in several contemporary music ensembles (Nyyd Ensemble, Ensemble U) and projects, which enabled him to engage in free improvisation. In recent years he has given improvisation trainings in Estonian Flute Association’s summer school.

Marge Loik

Marge’s career as a musician, now spanning 30 years, is very varied. She has performed with many distinguished performers and ensembles in a wide variety of genres, from early classical music to jazz. Her style has been described as spontaneous and also bright, subtle and inventive. Marge has trained several generations of piano players at all levels – from the Viljandi Cultural Academy of the University of Tartu to Küllikki Lauluaed. She currently teaches at the Viljandi Music School and also at the TEE Hobby School. Marge has created musical settings for theatre performances and poetry recitals, has performed and received recognition in Estonia and abroad, and has contributed to several CDs. Together with Lembit Peterson and Villu Veski she has performed in Paris, Poitiers, Helsinki and elsewhere. The Viljandi Linnakapell, Estonia’s first early music ensemble, has toured Sweden, Lithuania and Germany, among other places.

Liis Lutsoja

Liis Lutsoja is one of the very few violinists of rhythm music in Estonia. She graduated from the Georg Ots Music School and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood in Paris. She has performed with several formations both here and abroad and feels at home in many different musical styles from jazz rock to Argentine tango. In addition, Liis has been introducing rhythm music and its technique to young string players in Estonia for many years. She is a teacher at the Tallinn College of Music and Ballet and Saue Music School and gives various rhythm music string instruments workshops.

FILM workshop

Film workshop offers new opportunities to complement your musical skills with visual skills. This workshop is for everyone who would like to develop their visual side of creativity and acquire technical skills of film making. With this workshop you can create an exciting documentary about the festival which has also some elements of staged scripts. We provide some easy to use professional cameras and all other equipment for sound recording and lights. With your instructor you will watch and analyze short movies, create a story and a script. You will learn basic technical skills and will go out to shoot as teams. In the end the movie will be edited together and a first cut viewed on a screen together. The final cut made by a professional will be released on festival channels later.

Andri Luup

Works in Theatrumis as an actor and as an art director. He also teaches a cinema class in Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium. He has written many plays and movie scripts. Also directed them for cinema and theater.

Adrian Rannut

Is a multi-talented musician and film producer who has very good visual eye. He works in music and film industry and also as marketing manager. He teaches movie making and media in Saku Cultural Center. He is producer in Concertfilm OÜ and has produced hundreds of commercials, concert recordings and live-streams, also some music videos and short movies.