Participate in the festival!

For those who already know they will be involved in music and for those who are interested to find out if music is in their future.

Yes, we mean you!

Those young adults under 20 who usually play what they have to but which often overlaps with what they like to play. Most of the time you practice alone, but the opportunity to find fellow musicians and participate in collaborative musical experience is especially cool. The time will fly whilst working hard and having fun. And when the moment arrives to present the hard work and everyone focuses even more than they thought was possible, the group harmony is born. We think you have an idea what we’re talking about.

Those of you, aged ten years or a little older already playing a musical instrument quite well. At times practicing is boring but sometimes also fun, especially when playing together with others. Maybe there is desire to play together more often?

When young people with such similar enjoyments take part in the festival, it will most certainly become a great celebration of music. It will be fun, and over time the fun part will grow. Of course, there will be scores to follow and plenty of rehearsing to achieve a good result, but it will be done together with your musical companions. We will also play, create, laugh, rejoice and celebrate together. We are a generation of young musicians joined together by festival KRATT.

We welcome you to participate in the festival.

As a tradition at festivals, we will also arrange several great concerts featuring chamber ensembles, workshop participants and our orchestras.

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Chamber music


The final concert of KRATTfestival 2020 (St. Nicholas Church in Tallinn)

Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis
(secondary school higher stages and high school)

Cantus in  memory of Benjamin Britten
(secondary school, high school)

Andante Festivo
(all age groups)

Concert of chamber ensembles (The Teachers’ House in Tallinn Old Town)

Contredanse from Divertimento K213

Laura Adele Siitan, violin
Karl Aleksander Siitan, cello
Annabel Sakkos, piano

Deux interludes

Susanne Rull, flute
Rahel Peäske, violin
Lisanne Rull, harp

Rhapsody in Blue

Tähe-Lee Liiv, piano
Lilian Lember, violin
Miia Olivia Onni, violin
Grettel Eerik, viola
Anton Hannes Karin, cello

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