Workshops will take place:

Early Music Mon 22 August – Fri 26 August every day 2h
Theatre and IMPRO Mon 22 August – Sat 27 August every day 2h

Peeter Klaas

Peeter Klaas

I have been playing early music for 40 years and as a musician in ensemble „Hortus Musicus” I became acquainted with all the different periods of early music.
As the pioneers of early music, all the members of „Hortus Musicus“, including me, played many instruments of various families. With this developed an attitude towards music that is not based on the specificities of the music instrument but on the nature of music itself, its form, place and time in our soundspace.
Early music derives from a time when people naturally respected the core values of life – faith, hope and love. Songs and music were directed towards the source of everything that is good, they were meant for praising the Lord, not for entertaining and expressing moods. Early music does not need to be discussed, it needs to be played. Then the players will understand what a treasure it is.
Young people don’t really have a direct connection to the treasures of early music. The workshop will help to remedy that and show them the way. In the workshop „At the gates of early music” we will play all the music styles from the time Columbus discovered America. We will find out what kind of music people listened to in the palace halls and city houses, when the sounds of Gregorian chant drifted in from the open windows.

Photos from Peeter Klaas’ workshops

Players on various instruments are invited to this workshop.

Ene Nael

Ene Nael is a harpsichord player who teaches, performs early music as well as commissions new compositions from Estonian composers and is happy to perform alone, but times more she prefers to play in an ensemble or an orchestra.

She has been teaching harpsichord students at the Music School of the Old Town Education College for 25 years and consults other harpsichord teachers working in Estonia.

Ene Nael is one of the most active developers and distributors of harpsichord teaching methodology in Estonia. In the years 2000-2019, a training project “Summer Course in Historical Keyboards, Ensemble and Orchestral Music” for young musicians took place under her leadership.

She has been involved in several early music projects for children and young people in Estonia.

In 2005-2019, she participated in the teamwork of children’s and youth orchestra project within the framework of the Viljandi Early Music Festival. She is one of the initiators of the idea of ​​the children’s and young people’s early music festival “Fiori Musicali” and has trained and performed at the Kuressaare children’s and young people’s early music festival “Timeless Music Festival”.

Since 1999, she has been participating in the organizing committee of the International Harpsichord Festival, led by the Estonian Harpsichord Friends’ Championship.

Ene Nael is a member of the ensemble Una Corda (Estonian zither, harp, harpsichord), founded in 2009 and primarily performing music by Estonian composers.

Meelis Vind

Meelis Vind

Meelis Vind is a long-time jazz musician and has played together with many Estonian and foreign artists. He is plays in variety of styles from older swing and be-bop to beatbox and Indian rhythms. He has released three albums with his own compositions and improvisations. He has worked as a teacher in Georg Ots Tallinn Music College for many years and gained valuable experience in teaching young musicians.
Meelis has played in several contemporary music ensembles (Nyyd Ensemble, Ensemble U) and projects, which enabled him to engage in free improvisation. In recent years he has given improvisation trainings in Estonian Flute Association’s summer school.

”Music is everywhere!”

Whichever instrument you are learning and however long you have done it, you are creative. Spontaneity, imagination and listening to the sounds around you can trigger your creativity. Forget etudes, scales and beautiful lines of notes. Allow yourself to be surprised! Then you will see how much joy is added to the world when you and your like-minded friends play music together.

We are looking forward to players of various instruments.

Liis Lutsoja

Liis Lutsoja is one of the very few violinists of rhythm music in Estonia. She graduated from the Georg Ots Music School and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater and the Center des Musiques Didier Lockwood in Paris. She has performed with several formations both here and abroad and feels at home in many different musical styles from jazz rock to Argentine tango.

In addition, Liis has been introducing rhythm music and its technique to young string players in Estonia for many years. She is a teacher at Georg Ots Music School and Saue Music School and gives various rhythm music string instruments workshops. Her workshops mostly focus on imitation (playing by ear), improvisation and the basics of rhythm music string technique carried out in a pleasant and free atmosphere so that students do not lock up or worry too much.

Katre Kaseleht

Katre has studied acting at the Viljandi Academy of Culture. She graduated from the school in 2011 and has since passed on what she has learned to young people in Tallinn, Viljandi, Aruküla, Kilingi-Nõmme and Kaagjärve. In addition, countless workshops all over Estonia.

Stage fighting has been in her heart ever since. Katre has been a member of the boards of the Nordic Stage Fight Society and the Estonian Stage Fight Association, and has organized an international summer school for Nordic stage fighters in Pärnu and Rakvere and a Winter Fight School in Tallinn.

Katre has staged musicals, children’s performances as well as classics with young people.

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