The symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra are full as of June 13. It is still possible to register on the waiting list – places may become vacant if some existing registrants do not pay the participation fee by the deadline. The deadline for payment of the symphony and chamber orchestra participation fee is June 15. 

NB: We are still waiting for violas in the chamber orchestra and an English horn soloist to register.

Participation fees:
Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra: 50 € (includes lunch and snacks)
Small Orchestra 40 € (includes lunch and snacks)
Workshops: 100 € (includes lunch and snacks, except lecture-workshops)
Orchestra + 1 workshop: 125 €
2 orchestras 70 €
2 workshops: 175 €

Deadlines for registration and payment of participation fee:
Orchestras – June 15 (we extended the deadline due to the constant changes in the corona rules)
Workshops – July 31 or until the workshop is full

Those wishing to participate in chamber ensembles must send a video of the work to be performed by June 30 at the latest. We expect that members of chamber ensembles will also participate in some orchestras or workshops. In this case, no additional fee will be charged. The members of an ensemble, who do not participate in any other form of work, have to pay a participation fee of 30 € and they have the right to catering during the whole festival and to take part in all concerts.

Depending on the festival schedule, it is possible to combine:
Symphony Orchestra + Chamber Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra + Small Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra + Impro
Small orchestra + Impro

MusicManagement can be combined with everything except the Chamber Orchestra and Theater workshop
How to ListenClassics can be combined with everything.

Other combinations are possible.


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