Chamber Ensembles

Again, a video competition and concert of chamber ensembles will take place. Find companions, search for the repertoire and get ready!

We are looking for chamber ensembles with players aged 10-20. The program is chosen by the candidate ensemble itself. Its duration should not exceed 20 minutes. The winners of the video competition will perform at the concert of the festival.

We expect members of chamber ensembles also to participate in some orchestras or workshops. In this case, no additional fee will be charged. The members of the ensemble, who do not participate in any other form of work, have to pay a participation fee of 30 € (to be paid to KrattFestival OÜ EE897700771004415263) and they have the right to catering during the whole festival. In this case, please attach a copy of the payment order.

Those wishing to perform at chamber ensemble concerts must send an e-mail to by 31 July at the latest with:

  • A link with uploaded full-length video of the program being played
  • Copy of the payment order (if the members of the ensemble do not participate in any other form of work)

Information about the ensemble:

  • Names of ensemble members, dates of birth
  • School
  • Program to be performed
  • Name, e-mail address and telephone number of the contact person

The videos will be reviewed by a committee, the results will be announced on 15 August.

The ensembles selected in the competition will perform at a concert in Estonia concert hall on August 25, 2021.

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